cheap flights

5 Myths about getting Cheap Flights

cheap flights

There are SO many myths about getting cheap flights but some of them are so baseless and cause you to loose so much money that I figured it was good topic to debunk.

Fares are lowest on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

I’m not sure where this rumor came from but it’s so wrong. There are no set days when the fares are lower but if you buy tickets for Tuesday and Wednesday, yes, the fares could be slightly lower.

Buying round trip flights are always cheaper

While this is the case most of the time, it is better if check out one way flights too. This is because sometimes you may be going somewhere at peak season and coming back at a non peak season. Make sure to compare the two prices next time you are purchasing an air ticket.

There are peak times to buy flights

Going back to the first myth, there are no time of days when flights are cheaper. The prices stay the same all day unless demand is increased.

Cheap airlines always have the cheapest price

Cheap airlines don’t always have the cheapest prices. For example Spirit Airlines is consider a cheaper airline but it is NOT a fact that it will always be cheaper than United Airlines. This why it is important to compare the prices of all airlines. Check out my post on how to get the cheapest flights! Travel Hacks to travel for CHEAP

Wait until last minute to get dirt cheap flights.

This simply just not true! Airlines have learned to fill up all their seats through different, think about it! when was the last time you were on a flight with empty seats? Even if this does happen, it is a very rare occasion


Happy Traveling!

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