How to Travel on a Budget

It’s summer and we all want to travel! You may even have a couple week paid vacation at work but don’t have enough funds to travel.. But worry not! I’m here to tell you some tips and tricks to get the cheapest fights, hotels and deals.


Google Flights: There are so many myths about how to get cheaper flights, check out my blog post on these myths here ( Myths about getting Cheap Flights). The truth is; the simpler you go, the better. No need to go to fancy booking websites to get cheap flights, they often include additional booking fees. So why not go straight to the source? While it would be hard and confusing to look at the prices for all airlines, Google flights offer this free medium to compare the prices. All you need to  enter a your local airport and your destination airport plus the dates. Google flights even offers suggestions for dates that offer a cheap price!

Google Flights

***Pro Tip: Delete your cookies online after you do a flight search as Airlines often track which flights are getting the most views so they jackup the prices because of the higher demand.



Google Hotels: Again google is the winner here, just do a quick Google search like “Hotels in Las Angeles” and a huge list of hotels appears, you can advance your search by choosing what class of hotel you want, what price you want and viewing the ratings of the hotel. Google also lets you view all the hotels available on a map and you can pick the hotels closest to where you want to be. Just like google fights, google hotels also offers the feature where it tells you if you are able to save money if you book the hotel a couple of days or weeks later.

Google Hotels

Groupon: Groupon also offers a wide variety of hotels and sometimes may offer even cheaper hotels than Google Hotels as the hotels are directly partnered with Groupon to offer extra discount.   Be sure to compare the prices with Google Hotels before you purchase.

Buy Last Minute: Okay, I’m not telling you to buy your hotel when you get to the destination but it’s no secret that hotels often give away their rooms for cheaper when they have vacant rooms. However, if you’re anything like me, you love to plan and know exactly what’s coming your way so this can get a little tricky and risky. Here is what I do to make sure I’m not paying extra because I waited last minute and there is only one room left that multiple people want. I just simply book a room and cancel it if If find a better and cheaper deal (most hotels offer a free cancellation up to 24 hours before the booking date).

What to do when you get there?

Google: I swear this post isn’t sponsored buy Google  (but I wish it was!) but Google is just such as great tool! To find things to do, just simply type in something like “Free attractions in New York City”. You will get 100s of results dedicated to this subjects and find that here are hundreds if not thousands of things to do for free in any city, and honestly, a lot of free things are better than the paid ones. For example; you can take a fairy and see the Statue of Liberty ( A must see) but it cost  money, not too much but it does cost. If you don’t want to spend any money, you can go see the Brooklyn bridge, Central Park, Flatiron Building, Bronx Museum of Arts or Times Square, all these places are free but also a must see (THAT RHYMED!!)

Cheap travel attractions

Groupon: Groupon directly partners with companies and offers great deals and discounts on paid attractions. You can get discounts of Museum tickets, amusements parks,  children’s actives, tours and other things to do.


There is absolutely no need to rich to travel, you just have to be smart and plan a little ahead! I hope with these travel hack and tip you are able to take a vacation this year!

Happy Traveling!

Love ya,


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