Tubelight : A Sincere review for this Sincere Salman Khan- starrer.

Tublight has been one of THE most talked about and awaited movie of 2017. The film had a great deal of burden as too many people had too  high of hopes  for many reasons; one being  Bahubali 2: The Conclusion’s  enormous financial success, second being that previous Salman khan and Kabir Khan duo projects have done well critically and touched heights at the box office and thirdly, from the past few years, Salman Khan  has been delivering such great films AND performances, whether it be  Bajrangi from Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015)  or Sultan Ali Khan from  Sultan (2016), it was hard not o hype up Tublight.

By now, we all know that Tubelight has gotten some really harsh reviews while on the other hand some have loved the film. So I decided to check the film out myself and give a non-biased review.



The film takes place in 1962, when the India-china war took place. It follows a man demed Laxman (Salman Khan), who is a little mentally impaired and gets picked on by his class mates. Laxman has a younger brother, Bharat (Sohail Khan) who has taken care of him since childhood as both their parents have passed away. When the time comes for war, the Indian army goes to towns to find eligible soldiers to fight for their country, Om Puri, a father figure to both Laxman and Bharat suggests Bharat to join the military in order to earn money, after trying out for the military, Bharat gets selected and goes for war. While his brother is off to war, Laxman grows hate against the Chinese but lands up making friends with a young Chinese- Indian boy. Here Laxman learns that not all Chinese are bad people. He uses his power of “Yakeen” (belief) to try to stop the India-China war so his brother can come back. To see if Laxman’s Yakeen brings his brother back, watch the film.


The film starts, I’m sitting on my seat excited as hell since Salman khan’s last film, Sultan was his best till date in my opinion. His acting, the story, Anushka it was a complete commercial Hindi picture that gave me full “Passa wasool” (my money’s worth) . The first 30 minutes go by and I have already laughed, smiled, felt empathy, even cried once and I’m thinking WHY THE HELL HAS THIS BEEN GETTING SUCH BAD REVIEWS?!! this is a typical complete hindi film. The brotherly love between Laxman and Bharat was one of the best points of the film, it was shown in such as beautiful way. The audience could also connect to the Laxman being teased and feel his pain of being diffrent. And then the Shahrukh Khan Cameo comes in, I would say that that was the turning point in the movie as it went downhill after that. Not because of Shahrukh (he did a good job for his part) but something was just missing after that.

After Sohail leaves for war, it is so hard to connect to Salman Khan’s Character,  we can see that he is sad but and we want to feel sad with him but it’s hard to feel the emotions Laxman feels. Here at parts, the film becomes boring but definitely not unwatchable as some critics have been suggesting. Some scenes are also far too long and aren’t necessary to the film’s success. When Matin Rey Tangu’s character comes in, the film picks up a bit as there is cute banter between Laxman and his character.


Salman Khan : I have never consider Salman Khan the best actor in Bollywood but for salman-khan-tubelight-matin-rey-tangu-759some reason he is still one of my favorites and his work in Sultan gave me so much hope. Here Salman tries his best and props to him! In some scenes, I do like his work like when he gets picked on and his conversations with Matin. Salman also portrays his character’s innocence really well , however, in other scenes the dialog delivery is odd, all he does his speak fast and seems like he may be mocking a mentally impaired person. We all maybe judgemental of Salman because we have never seen him like this and his imaged is completely opposite to this character.

Sohail Khan: Sohail seems to surprise in this one! His other roles have been over the top and annoying as his has mostly done comedy but here Sohail is caring, sensible and kind and that looks good on him.

Om Puri : Small role, nothing much to say other than “great as always!” R.I.P ,Mr. Puri.

Matin: Cuteness over load but unclear words. But GREAT expressions.

Summary + My Advise to Salman

Did I love Tubelight? No. Did I hate Tubelight and think it was the worst movies in the history of movies? NO!!!!!!!!!! The film was good but did not live up to it’s hype because of the lost of connection to it’s audience at different parts of the film. The lost of connection was due to a poor screen play at parts and some Salman Khan’s dialog delivery.  Over all the film was a decent one time watch but won’t be remember in the books. I truly don’t think that this film deserved as much hate as it has gotten, we have seen much worse films in the past. This was was not even close to a “horrible” film! It has comedy, emotions and as always with Salman’s movies, a good message. I’m going with 3 1/2 stars and A+++  for effort from Salman.

My advise to Salman: Not that he will read this or my advice matters but if somehow he wants a 21 year old’s advice, here it is! Salman, I want to tell you how brave you are for giving a go at this character, for over 25 years you have been doing films in which you play yourself and the films have no meaning behind them. You have seen extreme success and extreme failure but now at 51 you are reinventing yourself, you are polishing your skills and becoming your best self. Please don’t take this harsh criticism and hate as signal to going back to doing films that have no significant purpose. Your acting is improving film by film  and you don’t look a day over 35! Tubelight was a good attempt and in many part you succeeded. So keep doing what you, make movies with a good message and continue to try new things. Cheers to efforts and good cinema!

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Have you seen or will see Tubelight? Let me know what you thought about it below!

What is Bollywood?

Bollywood is the hindi Film industry, it is the biggest industry after Hollywood and is based in India. Most asians countries are fans of Bollywood. If you would like to get into Bollywood check out this link to see top 10 iconic Bollywood Films.


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