The Cool Girl’s Guide to Staying Cool but looking cute this Summer

Although summer is such an exciting and beautiful season, because of excess heat we have been facing , it can get a little sluggish and dull. Here are ways you can brighten up your summer even more while staying cool and stylish (of course!)

Get the Hair out of your face!

Putting your hair up doesn’t have to be boring! Try a slick bun for a quick out the door look or check out these cute +easy summer 2017 hairstyles that will keep you cooooool.



This double top not up do by Kendall Jenner     unleash your 90’s playful side & is                     perfect for everyday.









This Fishtail braid by Blake Lively will bring out your inner mermaid and is perfect for date night. Tie it in a low bun and it’s perfect for parties & other fancy events.


Dress for the weather

Stick to clothing made of cotton and linen  and light colored clothing like light Pink, Yellow, Blue, and White instead of deep and dark colors like Black, wine Red or dark Blue. Also opt for clothing that have a loose fit and let breeze come in instead of skin tight clothes like skinny jeans and tube tops.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 12.11.38 AM.png


Check out this Cotton cold shoulder top from ASOS. (Product code: 976971). This top is a light dyed cotton material, loose and super trendy. It is the ideal top to stay cool + look cute for day or night!






Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 1.29.39 AM.png

Or Check out this easy, breezy ruffle sleeve Linen dress from ASOS (Product Code: 1018514) that is sure to keep you cool and stylish.








The secret to summer makeup is to wear the bare minimum! No need to pile on tons of makeup because your summer glow and flush are enough to make you look fabulous. Stick to concealers or BB creams for the base, a little bit of Blush/ bronzer for the cheeks and mascara for the eyes. You’re good to go and conquer the world!




Get Cool from the Inside

There is only so much we can do on the outside to stay cool. To be our coolest self, we must keep our body hydrated and cool this summer too.  And the best way to do that is by drinking lots and lots of water! Seriously… You need to drink like 2 liters of water everyday. This will not only keep you cool on the inside but also make you skin glow on the outside!

If water isn’t your thing, don’t reach for sugary drink just yet! Try adding lemon and fruits for a DIY detox drink that tastes wonderful and adds extra benefits or try fruit juices and smoothies!


******Also Try this homemade healthy ice-cream with just 3 ingredients to stay EXTRA cool! 3 ingredients healthy Ice-cream

Happy Summer, Cool Girls!

Love ya,


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