9 Ways to Make Money Online

All of us have some sort of opinions, talents and passions that we want to share with the world and lucky the internet can reach anyone from around the globe with the same interests as you. It’s 2017 and anything from banking to ordering  food can be done online so why not your work?! Why not turn are hobbies to our full time job?

Here are 9 ways you can make money online!


Blogging is one of the most popular  ways to make money online. The downside is that it  is exhausting and downright frustrating, AT FIRST. Once you have your audience, it only goes upwards! You can make thousands of dollars just sitting at your computer writing about your favorite scarfs and if you are dedicated long enough, you will get an audience!  If you want to start a blog make sure that you LOVE to write and chose a topic that you truly have a passion for even if your whole blog is dedicated to something random like different  types of scarfs. You can start your blogs at Blogger, WordPress or other blog websites.



Similar to Blogging, Youtube is a great platform to make money, maybe even better! Youtubers have the advantage of  more visitors on their community site, while bloggers have to attract all their traffic. If you’re into film design and acting, Youtube is a great way to showcase your talent and even earn money while doing it. Just like Blogging, to earn a lot of money on Youtube, you will have to keep posting consistently but once you an audience, Youtubers also make upwards of thousands of dollars.



Now a days writing E-book has become as easy as writing a paper for school. All you have to is pick a topic that you love (or write a story), write about it on Microsoft Word (YES! you read that right!) and turn it in to Amazon’s ebook program. Amazon converts your MS Word fill into ebook format and your book is on virtual shelfs! All you have to do is take care of the marketing.


Write for other companies

If you are a great writer and want to make money from your talent but don’t know what to write your blog about, no problem! Because you can write for others! And you won’t have to deal with all the marketing for a blog, all you do is write of what is demanded and collect your cash. You can make up to 5cents/ word at Textbroker.com. Although 5 cents might not seem like a huge number, for only 3000 word you can make $150! And if you’re a writer, you know that 3000 words really isn’t that much, specially if you’re getting paid for it!

pexels-photo (1)

Virtual Tutor

If you are fluent in any subject or language, you can teach people your skills, using websites like Tutor.com, Chegg.com or Wyzant.com. Even if you aren’t fluent in any subject or language, you can always teach people your mother tongue (specially if it’s English) or teach elementary subject.


Sell old Items

The limit here is endless! You can sell anything from your old clothes, books, electronic, etc. Sites like Ebay, Amazon, Craig’s List, Poshmark, Depop, ThreadUp are great ones to sell your old items. You can even buy items from thrift shops, flea markets and garage sales to resell them on ebay for a higher price.


Sell New Items

If you’re an artsy and crafty person who loves to make things like candles, sweaters, jewelry then this is for you! Use websites like Ebay and Etsy to sell your crafts. A huge seller is also make up and beauty products and more and more people now a days incline to heathy products. Again, since this is huge business, make sure to market your online stores. Some Good platforms are Blogs, Youtube and Social Media.


Sell Photos online

If you’re a photographer and wants to get some extra cash. This is a great platform to sell your beautiful captures. Some good websites to sell your photography is to IStockPhoto  and shutterStock.


Sell your services

Having skills and experience in areas such as photography, web design, social media campaigns, video editing, etc are needed in todays world and if you have these skills start your online business!  Build a website and show people your work. Since a lot of these can be done from home, you have endless potential as you can get business from all over the world. Be sure to market your website through Adwords to get noticed quick! (Through Adwords, your website will be at the very top of search results and you only pay when someone click on the website or calls)



The reality is that, since the internet is so accessible to so many people, it’s a competitive market out there. BUT there is still potential if you are dedicated and don’t loose hope. Be sure to market yourself correctly and show the world that whatever you do, you are the best at! If you start a Blog, give all your free time to it, be the best blogger there ever was and people WILL notice that and you will get your due!

Wishing your online business tremendous success!




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